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Energising Saturday Morning Flow & Gut Health Workshop - 11th June 10am - 11.30am

Kick-start your weekend on Saturday 11th June at 10am with an energising class of movement, breathwork & relaxation, followed by a discussion on gut health led by health coach Charlie Tunmore.

He'll be leading an informal & interactive chat on how to improve digestion, exploring an elimination diet, reducing stress levels & increasing serotonin in the gut & how to create gut-friendly meal plans.

You can digest the info as we all digest some healthy snacks post yoga to refuel.

The session will run from 10am to 11.30am and you can book on to it right here:

Head over to Charlie's Instagram page for a regular dose of regular tips & tricks with health in mind, and don't miss his podcast - The Practice of Health for a series of interesting discussions & interviews.

Wedged between Brixton & Peckham & a stone's throw from Loughborough Junction in Camberwell, Clockwork Courtyard is a unique spot to get out of the head & into the body amongst the sounds of the birds & the gentle breeze in the sun-dapppled courtyard.

If the dawn of the great British summertime hasn't quite arrived yet, the back wall will be down to keep us nice & cosy.

Please feel free to send over any questions to hello@mistercolliemanyoga.com

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