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Benefits of going on a yoga retreat...

Within an hour from London and surrounded by glorious countryside, I've taken over the Quaives estate in Kent this July to host a weekend of yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong, kayaking and wild swimming, restoring and replenishing.

Come Friday 21st July you could be settling into what could potentially be one of the most memorable and rewarding weekends of the year.

Here's why:

🌟 Unplug from all the tech, all the noise, all the stimulation and bathe in the wonderful feels of nature...

🌟 Practice new ways of moving, exploring, feeling. Reinforce habits and develop a stronger connection with yourself. Your cup will be FULL...

🌟 The busy grind. Of life, of work, arrangements, to-do-lists. They'll all fade, it's time to decompress & unwind…

🌟 Hang out with like-minded people. Spend time with old friends, make new ones. Surround yourself with positive vibrations.

🌟 Feel nourished by Chloe Jourdain’s plant-based food & enjoy a wholesome & cleansing summer break…

As a special offer to you, you can now book yourself on to the weekend with a plus one and receive a 15% discount on both bookings.

Reserve one of the double rooms for you and your partner, bring along a pal for the dorm. Reconnect with a family member or catch up with an old friend.

With the option of paying just 30% now, use the code BUDDYMEUP to book both you and your plus one in now.

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