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I'm very pleased to be running Ruskin Park Yoga again this year. 

We'll be running from Tuesday 14th May to 24th September.

​45 minutes of movement, breathwork, relaxation in the glorious setting of Ruskin Park to get you set for the day ahead.

We meet South of the chestnut tree-lined path that runs through the middle of the park

Classes are £8 drop-in. Or buy a £120 season ticket (20 classes throughout).

Book into the classes on the link below.

Really hope to see you there at some point & don't hesitate to fire over any questions below ✌️

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"I couldn't recommend his classes in Ruskin Park enough. His classes have massively complimented other sports I play in terms of strength, flexibility and balance."

Tom, Brixton

"This is a really special class. I love it! It’s in an idyllic spot where you don’t feel like you’re in London and the yoga is strong yet calm and full of flow. It’s a really welcoming space and Colly is a fantastic teacher who guides you clearly through the class and offering adjustments when needed. I’ve been doing this class for years now, I couldn’t recommend it enough!"

Hope, Camberwell

"Colly always ensures that there is something new to focus on in each session, and I can honestly say that I finish every class feeling fulfilled, energised and positive."

James, Camberwell

"As a 55-year-old woman I find most classes too large and competitive, but Colly’s classes are amazing. Ruskin Park's the most wonderful place to do an early morning class."

Philippa, Camberwell

"Amazing class - highly recommend!! I’ve been going to Colly’s classes for a few years now and they’re definitely my favourite yoga classes I’ve found. Lovely space, a friendly welcoming atmosphere and Colly’s yoga is the perfect mix of challenging and grounding - you really feel you’re getting stronger!"

Kirstie, Camberwell

"I have been going to this class for a few months now having never before been able to stick with Yoga. The class is the perfect mix of an informal and supportive environment with a really well thought out and effective approach to movement. A hidden gem."

Rhian, Brixton

"Beautiful setting and the best way to start a Tuesday morning."

Sarah, Camberwell

"Such a nice class and delightful to do yoga outside in the park in the morning!"

Emily, Camberwell

"Best yoga i've done!"

Natalie, Cambridge

"Have been coming regularly for the past few months and it's one of the best yoga classes I have attended! The courtyard is idyllic, doesn't even seem like you are in a big city when doing yoga there. The classes have just the right balance of challenge and relaxation. I always come out of them feeling very content and relaxed. Would highly recommend it to anyone interested in yoga!"

Ana, Kennington

Ruskin Park Yoga: Testimonials
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