Tuesday mornings @ 7.30am:

Ruskin Park sessions on hold until the brighter & warmer days to come in 2022!

Tuesday mornings at 7.30am for movement, breathwork & relaxation in the glorious setting of Ruskin Park.

Set yourself up for a great day ahead!

No need to book for the 45-minute, open-to-all classes, located 50 metres south of the bandstand, other side of Chestnut Avenue.

I do have an iZettle on site for payment either before or after the class.

Really hope to see you there at some point & don't hesitate to fire over any questions below ✌️



"I couldn't recommend his classes in Ruskin Park enough. His classes have massively complimented other sports I play in terms of strength, flexibility and balance."

Tom, Brixton

"Colly always ensures that there is something new to focus on in each session, and I can honestly say that I finish every class feeling fulfilled, energised and positive."

James, Camberwell

"As a 55-year-old woman I find most classes too large and competitive, but Colly’s classes are amazing. Ruskin Park's the most wonderful place to do an early morning class."

Philippa, Camberwell