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January Additions:

🤸 Slinky, Supple Spines - move the spine in all ways it should & strengthen your obliques all in 30 mins  🤸

🤸 Bouncin' 'n Balancin' - test your balance-in-motion in this fun & energising 30-min flow 🤸

🤸 A free 20-min flow perfect for first thing in the morning & ideal for beginners 🤸

🤸 Fix Up, Look Sharp - 30-mins of opening out, lunging long, channeling oblique core strength & saving time for some breathwork too🤸



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Mon 7am - Hot Pod Yoga Dulwich

Mon 8.30am - Hot Pod Yoga Dulwich

Mon 12.30pm - Hot Pod Yoga Brixton

Tues 5.30pm - Hot Pod Yoga Dulwich

Weds 7.30am - Clockwork Courtyard SE5

Weds 6.30pm - Clockwork Courtyard SE5

Friday 7am - Hot Pod Yoga Brixton

Friday 9.30am - Hot Pod Yoga Brixton
Friday 12.30pm - Hot Pod Yoga Dulwich



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