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The perfect accompaniment to lacrosse training.

35 minutes of yoga to practice little and often & ensure you keep your body strong, flexible and injury free.

Having worked with the Scottish lacrosse team to create curated sequences to assist with their training, I've created the perfect 35-min flow here to target all potential areas of weakness:

⭐ Shoulder mobility to assist with arm-swinging

⭐ Torso strength for cross-body swinging & endurance

⭐ Ankle mobility & outer hip strength for fast-paced changing of direction & explosive running

⭐ Strong glutes for powerful shooting

⭐ Breathwork for greater awareness & down-regulation of the nervous system

You can gain unlimited access to this for a mere £4.99, or rent it for 99p. Bargain basement.

Please do read more about my work with the team Scotland lacrosse team over on my blog.

Enjoy the practice and don't hesitate to contact if you'd like to organise a session for your team.

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