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Are you sitting comfortably?

Did you know the average head weighs about 5kg?

It balances on 7 stacked vertebrae with the help of about 20 muscles helping to keep it supported, all day long.

There’s a high chance you’re leaning forwards somewhat to read this note, and as you do, the back of your neck lengthens out and the front of it compresses. Even just fractionally.

The head’s load on the spine then increases, the back starts to round and the shoulders compress, which then causes the lungs and the internal organs to compress too.

Cherry on top is that the lumbar spine can start to change shape as you offset this shift in your neck.

And it’s not just posture and the way we sit or stand that takes its toll on the body either.

What we’re thinking & how we react to life around us can take its toll on the body too. We guard ourselves in stressful situations by tightening up in the neck and shoulders.

When did you last have butterflies in the tummy or have a gut feeling?

Am I being a pain in the neck?!

It's not all doom and gloom though.

The good news is that by bringing regular movement into your day you can improve not only your mobility but more importantly your awareness of how your body moves and feels.

You can then use that awareness when you need it the most – two hours into a work project, three episodes down on the sofa, when you've slept in an awkward position again, gone too far with that ridiculous bag on your back, the list goes on.

Now I’m not talking about putting aside a couple of hours here – sometimes hour-long classes can be intimidating and we’ve all got a lot on our plate (particularly when we're three episodes in).

I’m talking about accessible, easy-to-digest movement. Done little and often rather than just once a month. Or once a year.

I’ve got two easy solutions for you.

Two videos, both release tension in the neck, improve shoulder mobility and open out the chest.

One’s 15-mins long, gentle and free-to-use.

The other’s 30-mins long, a little more energising and yours forever for a fiver.

Or you're already a member and you get unlimited access to everything for £9.99 a month.

Both of these videos are excellent and you'll find them on the link below. Even if I was poor at instructing, which I’m not, they’d still be excellent because we NEED to be moving in this way. Regularly.

Done once a week and I guarantee you’ll be sitting a bit taller, breathing a bit better and feeling a lot more mobile.

Why not give it a go this weekend?

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