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Yoga Classes in Camberwell

I'm excited to be leading two yoga classes at Camberwell's hidden gem, Clockwork Courtyard.

🌟 Wednesday @ 6.30pm 🌟

🌟 Friday @ 12.30pm 🌟

Clockwork Courtyard is a stones throw from Loughborough Junction & Ruskin Park on Southwell Road.

It's the courtyard linked to Clockwork Studios and is half-covered, and half-not.

During the colder months of October through to May, we bring down a temporary wall that creates a closed-off, cosy inside space. Then during the warmer months we bring up the wall & practice in and around the courtyard space too.

It's beautiful & feels very much like stepping outside of London. It's a totally unique space to practice.

My energising classes are a blend of movement, breathwork & relaxation & they're soundtracked by a carefully-curated playlist. I've trained specifically in teaching yoga to athletes & for sport, as well as being a stretch therapist, I have an interest in anatomy & love to explore how yoga can help our daily lives.

You can book into any of the two classes here:

Please feel free to send over any questions to

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